6,000,000 US kids are not in any school!Welcome to Jeanne Johnson, WEF-USA Ambassador from IdahoPRE SCHOOL Reduces Special Education Placement and Increases Graduation Rates

6,000,000 US kids are not in any school!

Nearly 100,000 more US kids are not in school this year! Find your state, county, and district data here! They are not in any US school: Home, Private or Public! ...... Find your state, county and district data!

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Welcome to Jeanne Johnson, WEF-USA Ambassador from Idaho

Jeanne brings a strong commitment to find the missing kids in Idaho and identify ways to keep them in school! See who your Ambassador is or consider being one.

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PRE SCHOOL Reduces Special Education Placement and Increases Graduation Rates

Reduces Special Ed. Placement by 8.1% and also shows 11.4% Increase in HS Graduation

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Welcome to the World Education Forum - USA.

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We are the USA affiliate of the World Education Forum with headquarters in the Netherlands

WEF-USA Ambassadors Have Been Identified in 30 States

Help your State Ambassador find and help all kids attend school! Educational leaders are becoming concerned about the number of students who are not attending school in their state. The US data show 9.5% of our student population (aged 3-17) are not attending any type of school (public, private, home school). We know the potential […]

2017 ACS School Enrollment Data

Tabular data are shown from the American Community Survey (ACS) conducted by the US Census Bureau. The 2017 data is a summary of surveys conducted over the prior 5 year period (2013-2017). Each table contains the following data: Population of School-Age Children in the 3-17 yr old and 5-17 year old age ranges. For each […]

263,000,000 Children in the World Are Not Receiving an Education

Desired Outcome: All countries in the world will actively provide quality education for all children as a key contributor to ensure a safe and productive world. A report from UNESCO summarizes the recent global information on 263 million children not in school. This number represents 1/5 of the global population eligible to attend primary and […]

What Can I Do?

Sign up on this website to receive information. Join your state initiatives. Volunteer to be your state‚Äôs ambassador. Contact your state and federal elected representatives and ask them to become aware of this issue and take action. Write a Letter to the Editor sharing your insights and vision for how all children can be attending […]