Chronic Absenteeism

The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, has published a study on the chronic absenteeism in US high schools. This report is very relevant¬† to one of WEF-USA’s focus areas of identifying students who are not attending school.

The abstract for the report states:
“The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA; 2015) requires states to broaden school accountability beyond achievement on standardized
tests and high school graduation rates. In this Hamilton Project strategy paper, we articulate a framework for states as they
oversee implementation of statewide accountability plans under ESSA and describe how states differ in their approaches. We
review the literature and present novel analyses of the factors at the school and student levels that relate to chronic absenteeism.
Our analysis shows that health problems and socioeconomic status predict poor attendance, and that chronic absenteeism among
students and schools is strongly persistent over time. We describe evidence-based strategies for schools as they work to reduce
rates of chronic absence among students.”

A pdf copy of the report is available at the following link.