Chronic Absentee Rates in US by School and District

Where Chronic Student Absence is a Problem and Strategies to Make Progress:

Brookings published an informative article that identifies the chronic absenteeism of every US school district and school using an interactive map.

This article also suggests strategies to addressing chronic absenteeism.  A logistic regression analysis identified the following four predictive sixth grade early warning indicators of non-graduation:

• Chronic absence (defined as missing 20 or more days of school),

• Failing English, or math, or both and/or a failing average of English, math, science, and social studies,

• Being at least one year overage (suggesting an earlier retention), and

• Being suspended for three or more days.

As chronic absenteeism is becoming an important goal to address, it’s also a good time to find the number of student dropouts not attending any school including home school. This information can be found on this website Resource Page: .

We hope you find this information useful to help address this serious dropout issue. Please share your ideas with us.



Darrell, Rich and Mary Kay