Worldwide Commission Seeks to Find Missing Kids

Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic)

Commission Chair: Dr. Irvin Studin, President, Institute for 21st Century Questions (Toronto)


Hundreds of millions of kids are not attending any school.  We must raise the profile and interest in this issue and then create actions in every country.  Actions include connecting with all schools and within community systems and communicating with parents so we can get children into school by September.

The Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic) is an apolitical organization and the genesis of the following three goals regarding education of all the world’s children.

  1. Raise the profile of this issue to the world.
  2. Find the missing students and audit their attendance.
  3. Develop and implement strategies to educate all children.

Basic Principles:

  1.  All children need to be educated in the post pandemic world.  Otherwise, too many children will become ostracized resulting in an early death or a non-productive, miserable life.
  2. The Commission has a strict policy on non-interference in domestic affairs.  They are agnostic, not interested in a country’s politics with a sole focus on educating all children.
  3. The Commission also remains agnostic on the content of education.

Pandemic Resulted in Three Crises:

            Health and finance issues were the two initial impacts of the global pandemic.

            We are now faced with the third crisis:  Education of All Children.

Current Status of Students:

  1.  Classical/typical education
  2. Virtual schooling
  3. NO school at all.  Need to minimize this world issue ASAP.

Commission Focus Area:

The above 3 groups of students are the primary focus of Commission’s activities:

  • These children are marginalized by behavior, out of the mainstream, disengaged)
  • How do we find them?
  • How do we address their learning losses

Possible Actions:

•  States/communities/churches/organizations begin looking for missing kids.

•  Find ways to support those families who are struggling and may be fearful of seeking help.

•  Communities develop their own action plans to address their challenges.


Additional information is available at the website ”‘Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic) “