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Over 5,900,000 of school-age children in the United States are not attending a school.

The American Community Survey collected data that estimated the number of students, from age 3-17, who are not attending any kind of school. These data are collected for the US Census Bureau and we believe it is used for the UNESCO international report that ranks countries on this metric. The data are presented for each state, District of Columbia and total USA. We continue to search for other potential sources of the international data.

  • The state with the highest percentage rate has 14.7% of its potential students not in school and is followed by a state with 12.7% of its potential students not in school.
  • The two states with the lowest rates have 6.1% and 5.9% of their potential student base not in school.
  • The two states with the highest number not in school have 697,700 and 633,827 children. The two states with lowest numbers have 5,736 and 8,193, respectively.
  • With two years of data, we added a comparison column with the 2015 percentage of students not enrolled.
  • We added percentage enrolled in public and private school data for both 3-17 and 5-17 age groups.

The question remains: Should the United States be addressing this issue? We feel that this country and all countries should be insisting that all children become educated by attending an “approved” school.

Check out the tables below for 2016 statistics about your state. These data are sorted by different variables. Enrollment for 2015 are shown in a blog post.  We hope you share this information with your state officials, federal representatives and senators.

Recently, I told the aide of a US Senator about this issue. He was surprised and said the Senator would want to do something about it. Imagine how we can mobilize our legislators to become vocal supporters of all children becoming educated to achieve their personal best.

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